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Job Card and

Field Service Management


Finger on the Map

Office Control Panel

Manage your daily job cards and field services teams from the comfort of your administration control page.

Road Constuction

Service Team Location Tracking

Monitor each service teams location from your PC or Mobile Device with real-time location tracking

Business Meeting

Client Manager

No more lost information, keep up-to-date client profiles with job card and payment history.

Smartphone Holder

Fastest Route Tracking

Field Service Cloud will provide your service teams with the fastest route between job cards, saving your company time and fuel.

Construction Workers

Real-time Job Assignment

Dispatch teams with real-time job cards allocation from your administration control panel to their Mobile Device.

Online Monitoring

Performance Repost

Stay up-to-date with your field service teams performance and job card progress with real-time reports

Office Control Panel

Dispatch drivers and field service teams quickly and efficiently

The intuitive, simple field service scheduling screens are designed to make your job as easy as possible. Examine your daily schedule in detail, make quick changes and schedule new jobs.

Job scheduling optimization

Unique to FSC, the job assignments tool, analyzes existing schedules to instantly see when a driver is booked and when the job is due.

Use columns and filters

Focus instantly by using a column or filter. For example, if you filter by driver and notify driver, you'll only see if drivers have been notified of jobs assigned.

Control Panel

Client Manager

Maintain up-to-date client lists

Tailor-made for the field service industry, the client database will easily adapt to your business model.The searchable client database makes it easy to maintain up-to-date customer details and includes information on locations and jobs assigned.

Full, searchable customer database

Gain quick access to any clients's record. Each record allows you to launch a variety of common tasks (create job, account information, open job lists, etc).

Single-screen overview

The client detail screen shows you everything: case number, job history, addresses and payment methods.

Client portal

Provide your clients with a handy portal where they can view reports and entire job history.

Flag jobs

Use this function, to remind yourself to follow up on a job at a later time.

Client import

It’s easy to import your existing client database into FSC. We’ll even take care of importing the addresses so they’re ready for field service dispatching.

Client manager

Real-time Job Assignment

Manage day-to-day operations

Keeping your jobs well-organized is key. Rather than provide a single screen with a long list of jobs, they are separated into buckets that correspond to their current status: today's jobs, late, upcoming, recurring and jobs that still need to be scheduled.

Full, searchable job listings

All listings are instantly searchable and sort-able: you'll never waste time looking for the job you need to manage again. Each record allows you to launch a variety of common tasks (edit, details, client details, schedule, etc).

Manage your contracts

Create recurring jobs to carefully manage all repeat business. Instantly get details on late jobs, upcoming jobs, and even conflicts and jobs with outstanding issues

Client access

Provide your clients with a page displaying reports and job history. Clients can also access their client portal from this page.​

Job Assignment

Service Team Location Tracking

Create and manage team locations

Knowing where your mobile staff are and their planned routes in real time is vital. Businesses like yours frequently need to deal with client emergencies that require swift action – how are you supposed to send someone over quickly if you don't know where everyone is or where your clients are based?

Workload, current location and Itinerary

Field worker tracking: focus your attention on a given technician’s schedule, while also seeing the real-time location of the rest of the team.​

Service Team Location

Fastest Route Planner

Get your field service teams there quicker

Fields Service Cloud will provide your field service teams with the fastest and most efficient route between job cards via the mobile job card app. This will increase your turnaround as there is less time wasted between job cards. 

Fastest Route Planner

Performance Reports

View reports on drivers's overall performance

One of the core features, job reports can be generated to view business performance. Job reports can be associated with your job types, ensuring that workers in the field always record the information you need.

Powerful design engine

You have complete control: the report engine allows you structure the job process, set field types, define private fields and specify conditions.

Reports are 100% Mobile compatible

The report you design in the back office will look and function perfectly on the mobile app. The controls you put in place are enforced – for example, a job cannot be completed unless all mandatory information has been collected.

Performance Report
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