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Field Service Cloud Software Feautres

Job Card assist 1.png

Job Card Management

  • Job categories

  • Job scheduling

  • Assign job cards and dispatch field service teams

  • Export jobs in .xlsx and PDF format

JOb Card shdualing 1.png

Job Scheduling Optimization

  • Working hours

  • Driver availability

  • Job cards due and completed

  • Customization to-do items

  • Flag job card reminders

Client list.png

Client management

  • Client portal

  • Job requirements

  • Client database

  • Client history

  • Custom fields

  • Tags

Performance report 1.png

Resource Management

  • To-do item description

  • Item type (service or product)

  • Fleet status and availability

  • Fleet reports

Drivers 1.png

Real Time Mobility

  • Real time job card notification

  • Field service team tracking

  • Maintain job status: complete or hold a job in the field

  • Field team Mobile App

Job Card Quote 1.png

Quotation and Invoicing

  • Account holder and payment type

  • Status management (paid, outstanding)

Job Card Dashboard 1.png

Administration & Configuration

  • Account holder management

  • Driver management

  • Group location management

  • Street & complexes management

  • Vehicle management

  • Working hours

  • Availability

  • Data import & export (jobs, clients, catalogue, users, etc.)

  • Custom fields

  • Data report exports

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